About DMB Paddle Boards

Welcome to all of you intrepid Stand up people. All of us here at DMB are super stoked to introduce our multi use stand up paddle boards. We pride our selves on providing you with the best boards possible. Not only do our shapes perform in all size surf, but they can be used for lake or river activities. Our intrepid team riders have been working tirelessly on all levels to bring you all the feed back you need to get out there and get amongst the water. Please take a look at our website. We’ll be updating it all the time, with tips touring dates comp news and product reviews. Hope to see you out in the water soon.

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Belly and Seppy.

Where we came from

 You know, when you grow up in Australia, you kinda take the whole thing for granted. Stunning beaches, crystal clear waters, sunburn, zinc cream. B-B-Q’s in the park. It’s only when you venture further a field that you feel you then understand how truly lucky we are. My mate Seppy and I grew up in Melbourne. Both our families were heavily into sailing. And at the ripe old age of 10 or 11 years old, Seppy and I teamed up to sail in all the weekend races during summer. I think I washed cars for the better part of 6 months to buy that shitty old skiff. So at a young age we were given this opportunity to escape our parents. Even if it was just for a few hours on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. Well it didn’t take us long to work out, that there were so many other ways of escaping the family. Surfing was easily at the top of our list.

What ever you want to call it, escapism, adventure or simply going on a mission. It all led to travel. The passion for our sport started on the grass roots of our local beaches. Coupled with travel bug, we dove head first into the realms of wave finding obsession. Sometimes we travelled solo. Sometimes we travelled in groups. All the time feeding our habit of surfing exotic waves in different lands. France, Tonga, Mexico, Spain. Morocco. We didn’t care, as long as we had the journey. And well the occasional beer just to say that we had sampled the local product. I remember so clearly during one trip to the USA. We had been pulled over by the San Francisco Police Department, and being asked what we were doing in SF, and even before I could open my mouth Seppy throws in “We’re Slaves To The Waves” The female Cop didn’t even comprehend what had been said. But it was all too true.

You can imagine that over the years we have also collected boards from all over the planet. The Bronzed Aussie single fin(#397) That some guy gave me in California. The Town and Country twin fin from Hawai’i. The 5’10” KC Surfboards no rocker special. The Super frog thruster from France. The 35 Rusty 5 fin found in a garage sale, now called the “Jammer”. You can’t even imagine what we’ve picked up, and some how crammed onto a plane to bring home to OZ.

With over twenty years surfing experience between us, we made it a ritual to surf these boards whenever we could. As well as experimenting with every kind of surf craft we could find. But on a one to two foot crumbly day at our home in the northern rivers three years ago. We spied this alien craft gliding down the line. The rider very staunch and up right with what looked like a long handled shovel. Just surfing down the line of this 1ft grinder. So with the weight of an un-harnessed Kelvinator frost free, full of Carlton stubbies. The penny dropped. “Finally a solution”. Stand Up Paddle Boarding, All these disgruntled surfers, frustrated by the small minimal swell days. We would never have to deal with the trauma of waves that were going to waste, ever again. That day we were on the phone to California and Hawai’i, We called everybody. We needed to work out what this strange extension of our desire was. But like a lot of people due to the general bump and grind, we had to put the Idea on the back burner. Plus we had a really good surf year in 2006/07. In Aug last year my mate Wellsy in Newport beach, called and he was raving about going paddling every day. In the harbour, in the surf, he was even using a Sup board to paddle to work. That call got Seppy and I up to speed with what was going on in California immediately. Then wouldn’t you know it I was on a Qantas flight bound for LA and in a shaping shed mowing down the biggest foam I had ever seen, all within hours of landing in the golden state of California.

Ok stop and imagine the scale of this for just a second. I mean lets put it all into perspective. Four times the materials go into making one of these boards. If you have ever shaped any sized board, you know that the shaping bay is maybe 14ft long and 10ft wide. You can’t even get around in that space when a virgin SUP blank is laying there ready for a trim. But through necessity, or should I say sheer bloody awkwardness. I mowed away with constant diligence. And what would you know. A couple of dozen prototypes were hatched and 5 really “schweet” Sup boards ended up growing into our first production range. Sized from 9’8” to 12ft. A range that fits every bodies style. Since then we have refined these shapes and had a heap of feed back from all our team of dedicated wave hunters. Also now we can travel greater distances in search of elusive outer banks and breaking reefs. The whole ocean is our playground now. You can’t believe how much wild life you miss laying down on a board. You can see everything. We all have to be continous of our surroundings and the animals who live in that big blue wobbly thing. Rarely a day goes past where you don’t see some amazing and beautiful creatures. So many ocean animals allow us to be in their ocean. Turtles cruise around our local waters and often swim along side. Popping their block heads out of the water to have a squiz. Whilst swimming one day I had the strange feeling that something was following me. I slowly turned around to find a small school of adolescent mullet cruising on my flipper wake. “HA” I couldn’t stop laughing. Seppy was paddling past a school of bait-fish last Sunday and through the commotion, a metre long black tipped reefy busted out of the water. Not two board lengths from where he paddling. “Fark” .

The crew here in Aus are just really getting around to understanding how beneficial Stand Up Paddling is to your body. Core strength, balance and overall fitness. Coupled with the fact that it is maybe the lowest impact sport of all sports period. Our crew paddle every day. Whether in the river doing some base training, or out in the surf. It has become a lifestyle. Not to mention that my conventional surfing is benefiting amazingly. People of all sizes and physical levels can participate. I took a dozen or so mums and their kids paddling a few weeks ago. The joy on the faces of all who were involved just summed up how great Stand Up Paddle surfing is for everybody. Give it a shot some time you may just surprise yourself.

Thanks Belly