Paddle Boards for Sale

Picking the right equipment for your Stand Up Paddling needs can be a little bit daunting. Are paddleboards better in flat water or surf? Do i need 3 fins or a single fin? What paddleboard type or even the paddle size? There are so many questions! We don’t blame you, if you’re confused. There are three main things to keep in mind with paddleboarding. The longer the paddleboard the better it will flow and glide in flatter water. The wider the paddleboard the more stability you will have. A thicker paddleboard gives you more floatation.

As a general rule, paddleboards are categorized into two types. Long paddleboard style and Surf style.

1. Long paddleboard style: these paddleboards look like a traditional Malibu shaped board. They generally have a round nose. Are longer in length, anywhere from 10 ft to 13ft. As a rule these boards are easier to paddle, can travel much longer distances. Are much better to learn on. Still able to use in the surf. But because they are bigger, they don’t turn as easily as a smaller board. They are easier to get onto a wave, and are extremely stable. Great for beginners to advanced riders, in all conditions.

2. Shorter paddleboards look more like surf boards. They are from around 7’6ft to 10ft, Normally have a sharper nose that kicks up more than the long board style. Tails are also more surf specific. Like pin, swallow and rounded-squash tails. Which all act in different ways. These boards are a lot less stable, but a whole lot more manoeuvrable in the surf.

3. Paddles come in four different styles. Aluminium paddle with a plastic blade,  Fibreglass paddle, Wooden paddle and carbon fibre paddles.

More on paddles next week.

Check out our latest Stand Up Paddle Boards for Sale below...

Paddle board for sale

Paddle boards for sale

Paddleboard for sale

Paddleboards for sale


12ft Big Popper

Sick board for Us Bigger chaps. “Big, Phat and Wide”. Solid down the line speed in all size waves. Yet in tiny surf can glide through all sections with ease.

12ft Slim-Line

A scaled down version of the “Big Fella”. Finer rails, slimmer lines. Straighter down the rails. Paddling is a breeze.

11ft The Jammer

Such a sweet riding mid size board. Drives hard off the bottom, and glides effortlessly in the flat. “Oh so easy”.

10'6 Smasher

“You wanna fly”. this is your baby. Surf style all the way. Drop in, look at the lip and pull in. All go, “Punch it Chewy”.